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Last Updated on August 3, 2019

You are not actually a dog lover yourself.  That is why you do not keep a pet in your house. However your neighbor has pets, it does not bite, it does not approach you but it barks every single time at every single thing. It is already being a nuisance to you that it affects your daily routine.

Apparently your neighbor is not noticing it or not doing anything to make it stop. So what would you do to make their pet stop barking and messing up your day to day activity.

Here are some ways how you can make your Neighbor’s dog to stop barking.

Talk to your Neighbor

You can bring them bake goods or a meal as you visit them. Any sweet goodies can make the conversation more better. Try to talk to them in a friendly manner. Explain to them what the dog is doing if it is left alone when they are away every day. Explain to them that its noisiness is already affecting you. Do not confront the owner of the dog angrily and blame them immediately for this mat not solve the problem but will definitely worsen it up.

You ask them politely to train their dogs, you can even recommend some training schools form them.

Inform your Landlords

If you are living in an apartment or condominiums where pets are allowed and you cannot find the owner everytime you try to visit them, then go to your landlord. Tell him about the noisy barking canine of your neighbor. This may also help you to know if you are the only one being disturbed or if there are other tenants that have the same complain. Most often than not, the landlord will be the one to inform the dog’s owner about the complaints regarding their dog’s excessive barking.

Try using dog barking products

There are numerous Barking Control Products that you can buy in your local pet shop or Veterinary clinics. These devices can’t prevent dogs from barking as it is triggered to emit ultrasonic sound when dog barks. This sound is unpleasant for dogs and inaudible for humans. However this may also affect our hearing even if we don’t hear them.

Use other devices that are not emitting ultrasonic sound instead, like a sprinkler that sets off when a dog barks near it. But never physically hurt the dog. You might face legal and humanitarian cases for that.

Follow up with your neighbor

It never hurt to go back and talk to them if they somehow did not with your complain. Still be polite when emphasizing your concern. If they still haven’t done anything trying doing this simple trick, buy a Barking Dog CD, play it during wee hours where you know your neighbors will be home. Play it constantly for just two days in a row and watch will happen. Usually people like them will be probably asleep during the time you are playing it and maybe awaken with the noise. It is not cruelty; it is like giving them a dose of their own medicine.

Report to the law enforcement

If the dog continue to be untrained and still keeps on barking, try going to animal welfare authorities like PETA and notify them about the dog’s behavior and the owner’s choice to ignore it. They may do some legal procedure to address this pressing animal concern that is not just annoying but also damaging already.

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