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Last Updated on August 3, 2019

Dogs are not typically aggressive creatures but they can be harmful is there aggression is not understood by the people around them. There are incidents that a playful and loveable dog suddenly bit his owner.

It is important that you, the Dog owner / lover, knows that it is not what the dog wish to happen. Regardless of size, age and sex, dogs give out a growl and snarl to be taken as a threat and a warning that owners need to closely pay attention to. These aggressive indicators should not be ignored especially on the early stage so as to not aggravate it up. Stop the aggressive behavior before it starts to be a habit.

In this article we are going to identify the reason why dogs act aggressively, even towards their owners. With this we can treat it and train them to be less aggressive.

Dominate aggression

If your pet show a domineering attitude that even you, its owner, cannot control or hushed down, it might be already dangerous to keep it along with children. A dog who has dominated aggression has issues with strangers and even family members. It is not a protective act if your dog keeps on snarling and growling at you everytime you try to pet it.

Fear Aggression

This type of aggression is triggered by the dog’s fear. Foreign things might get him frightened easily and is usually reactive to protect itself to things that it thought would be of harm. Normally canines with fear aggression do not outgrow it. They even get more frightened ans suspicious about everything as it grows older.

Territorial Aggression

This dog claim almost all places that he stepped on. So everytime someone it thought to be an intruder entering his territory it will growls, snaps or bites. This Dog is very territorial that even noises are enemies for them.

Punishment Aggression

Abusive training can cause this type of aggression to your pet. If you are too abusive in correcting its mistake like yelling at it every minute, hitting your dog, clasping its mouth together or any other worse way to reprimand it, sooner or later any dog will fight back, especially if it felt pain already and was cornered.

Pain Aggression

Pain Aggression is mainly due to its medical condition. Some dogs can tolerate pain much better than others. But if the pain reaches to a level that seeks immediate medical procedure, the dog might become aggressive. This is however an involuntary reaction because they can’t openly declare that they are in so much pain already. So it thinks that any one that will try to touch it will cause or further the pain more.

Maternal Aggression

Like humans, female canines are protective of their young. This is an instinct response to any anything the approaches her puppies, particularly while it is still nursing the new born. This may subside as the puppies start to grow and be independent from its mother.

Redirect Aggression

This aggression is not intentional by the dog. However you were in its way while it has its aggression going on particularly during fights with other dogs. So find another way to separate the dogs that are fighting without getting closer to them, because they are all hype already and they are only seeing their opponent which they need to beat.

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