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Last Updated on August 3, 2019

Animals have different ways how to communication with humans since both being has a different manner of speaking and language. Canines are the most loved and adorned animal by people, which is why they are very sensitive on people’s emotion towards them. Dogs even though they follow and obey their owner’s command they do not actually understand the words being said to them. Every dog’s goal is to please his owner. They only perceive the sounds of the command on the manner of how it was being said. A playful tone of voice assures the dogs that what they are doing is right. An angry high-pitched tone suggests that the owner disapprove the dog’s behavior.

However for us humans we also do not exactly understand the dog’s every communication. Dogs have two ways to communicate through a Body Movements and Vocalization. Understanding each manner of communication can help dog owners to determine if there is something wrong with their most loved companion, and correct the problem immediate.

The article that follows will focus on the Vocal Communication made by dogs. Dogs May differ in size, weight and breed, but all are all saying the same thing when they communicate.


It is a high pitched sound produce by dogs through closed mouth using their nasal. Dogs usually whine because they want something, more often its food, or they want to go out or use the lavatory. If your dog is on leash it might want to get free from it. And mostly they just want your attention. If you ignore these whining, your dog might get a little insistent and whines a bit louder. They may also add a bark at the end of each whine creating a whine-and-bark pattern. They won’t stop until you notice them.


Whimper is different from barking. Whimper is softer, high-pitched but low volume. A dog will whip and yelp is it if experiencing pain. Dog’s only whimper to its owner to say they need help. Owner should reply to this communication positively, because dogs rarely whimper because for them it is a sign of weakness especially if they are in middle of a fight. Whimpers indicates all kinds pain, whether its physical pain caused by their owner or emotional pain like being neglected and rejected by people.

They also whimper when a sudden attention was thrown to them after being left alone for so long.


Dogs howl to communicate to other dogs which are far from them. It is a long range communication to call to other dogs out there. Some dogs howl to indicate loneliness and Separation anxiety.


Growling is the way dogs say NO! They growl to indicate that they do not want what is happening around them. Increased in growling means the dog is starting to be aggressive. It is a threat that the dogs are giving the people around it. An owner needs to be cautious about dogs growling, because if not heeded the dog’s next action is to bite or pounce.


Barking is their main form of speaking. What we know is that when a dog barks it means that unfamiliar person is approaching them or their territory. However dogs have different kind of barks depending on what they are feeling. Short sharp barks means they are in their playful mood. Repetitive loud and long barks means either they are distressed, suspicious, scared or pleasured. Sometimes they bark for no apparent reason over nothing. These barking can become excessive due to their Separation anxiety. The dog is for some reason use their barking to call your attention that you rarely give to them.

So next time you best canine companion shows or utter any one of these vocal Communication be sure to address them immediately so that it won’t worsen up.

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