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Dog rescue shelters have existed for years now, and the fact that they do exist point to the fact that there is something wrong with humanity at the moment. The sole aim of dog rescue shelter is to provide a good home for abandoned, abused and mistreated dogs until a new home can be found for them.

Unfortunately, the fact that there are literally millions of dog rescue shelters all over the world today points to the fact that far too many of our loyal canine friends are mistreated in this day and age. Dog rescue shelters tend to be run by people with a passion for dogs and are great places to go if you are thinking of getting a dog as a pet.

Every dog rescue shelter varies because there are no set rules to govern how they should be run. That is up to the sole discretion of the owner. However, dogs are usually kept in their cages for a set amount of hours in the day, but are let out for exercise too. Unfortunately, the demand for dog rescue centres is as such that there are too few of them around and dogs that have been there for an extended period of time are put to sleep, despite being healthy. Some dog rescue shelters do have policies in place to make sure that a healthy dog is never put down though.

Any individual thinking about adopting a dog from a dog rescue shelter will find any number of them in his or her local area via an Internet search or the Yellow Pages, and the majority welcome visitors who are interested in providing one of their dogs with a new home.

If you are thinking about getting a dog, have a look at a dog rescue shelter first. It is extremely rewarding to provide a dog that has been abused with a new home, as well as love and attention. Not only will it enable them to feel wanted and loved, it will also fulfil you and provide you with a lifelong companion.

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