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How spoilt is your dog? I know in my house, they’re ridiculously spoilt! While I’m working hard to be the pack leader, my lovely wife is filling them up with treats and buying sparkly leads, coats and neckerchiefs. Hey, what can I say? She loves them!

Today I caught her surfing on Amazon, I thought she was doing some Christmas shopping, and I guess in a way she was. But she was looking at all these sparkly, preppy dog collars for the girls! I’m pretty sure that they’re going to have a better Christmas than I am. All I want for Christmas is a new cordless drill to I can do some more work on the kennels, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

Anyway, she’s got me inspired and I did a bit of search and came up with 5 preppy dog collars that any pampered pooch will look great in this Christmas.

#5 The Diva Preppy Dog Collars & Leash Set

The Diva Dog Preppy CollarThis one’s for the boys in a vibrant blue, almost a metallic finish, the Diva Dog collar is a top end offering with high quality materials made in the USA.

The collar is adjustable from 16 to 24in, and the matching leash with metal clip is 48 inches. I like it, superb attention to detail that you don’t see in the Chinese products. Comes in pink and a few other colors too.

#4 The Loki Turquoise Collar & Leash Set

Loki Preppy Dog Collar in TurquoiseI love the look of the Loki Collar. Sweet, solid leather is always my favorite over the synthetics, and this one is all leather. Reinforced with thick stitching and stylized with multi-colored eyelets in a random pattern, this preppy dog collar is just plain cool.

Again, this one comes with a matching leash so you’re always co-ordinated. The Loki also comes in purple, red, blue and yellow if turquoise doesn’t match you dog’s eyes

#3 The Candy Stripe Dog Harness

Candy Stripe Dog HarnessBut wait, things just keep getting cooler! If you like retro designs, this candy harness is for you. I think it’s inspire by liquorice candy! Multiple pastel colors in a stripey design, plastered over what looks like a pretty high quality harness.

Hand crafted in the USA, and available in plenty of different sizes, this harness is well worth a look.

#2 Dean and Tyler “WIDE HEAVEN” Dog Collar

dean and tyler wide heaven preppy dog collarNow this is more my style. This is going to look awesome on my girls. I might have to sneak it onto my wife’s Amazon wishlist next time she pops off to the bathroom. Shown here in pink, but also available in white for the boys, the Dean and Tyler WIDE HEAVEN Dog Collar is thick leather. And when I say thick, I mean thick. And is two and three quarter inches wide too.

Rock solid with brass fittings, this is going to make any dog look butch and send the maltese shitzu’s running. I’m not going to tell you the price, I’ll let you go to Amazon and see for yourself!

#1 COACH Mini Signature Leather Collar

Coach Mini Leather Preppy Dog CollarAnd weighing in at number one is one classy piece of canine clothing, it’s the Mini Signature Leather Collar from COACH. This one’s going to melt your credit card, but if you really must have the best of the best for your spoilt poochie, then I don’t think you can go past this stylish little collar.

Featuring an engravable COACH emblem and a timeless design that will match your luggage, this one will certainly get the girls at the nail salon talking (or whatever you girls do during the day!). Have a look, just to drool!

Update: One last collar to make you wonder what the world has come to.

OK, this one is just stupid. It’s called the Tsavari Monarch White Sapphire Collar. It has 48 Carats of Flawless White Sapphires hand cut in ‘Hearts and Arrows’. Handcrafted from Pearlized Mirabella Lambskin, 24 karat or White Gold Plated Hardware.

Tsavari Monarch White Sapphire Dog Collar

Of course it’s handmade in USA and weighs in at a whopping $2,399 !!! I’m sure if I look hard enough, I’ll be able to find some more expensive preppy dog collars, but I think that’s more than enough.

Enjoy your Christmas shopping folks! (I know my wife will)

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