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Many people think that whether dogs and cats get along is subject to chance, or, perhaps, destiny. While a secret, all-out war between the local cats and dogs sounds like a good idea for a movie most cat and dog pet combinations are surprisingly calm. However, the idea wasn’t born out of thin air. You occasionally see a wild chase usually resulting in the cat taking shelter where the dog can’t reach her.

So how can dogs get along with cats? It happens all the time, and most people feel that their household wouldn’t be complete without one or the other. However special conditions must be met because introductions can be very difficult.

It’s quite hard to get them to accept one another unless they were raised together since day one. But that’s what you’re there for. You are going to make it possible for them to accept each other and be happy together.

The first steps to successful cat and dog truce
The worst thing you could do is throw the animals together and let them figure it out on their own. Even if the right circumstances are met the experience is highly stressful for both of the animals. It can also be quite dangerous and it’s no good way to treat them.

The first distinction is whether you have a cat or a dog and planning to bring the other in. On the one hand, if you have a cat then you need to find a dog breed accustomed to living with cats. Often times respectable breeders, rescue groups and shelters test how each dog behaves in the presence of a cat.

On the other hand, if you have a dog in work on his obedience to where he is comfortable on a leash and will mind your requests even when he is distracted. When you first bring the cat in confined him in a small area. He should have everything he needs there.

After a couple of days put the dog on a leash and open the door to the cats room. Have the dog sit, let them see each other, keep the dog calm and don’t let him chase the cat. Don’t force anything, even if the cat is content to watch from the shadows it’s fine. Praise both of them for good behavior and reward them with treats.

How to Make Your Dog Get Along With Your CatFor the next couple of weeks keep the dog on a leash in the cat’s presence. Always give the cat an escape route, even if they seem to get along well. If the cat feels ambushed she will become even more frightened. Build up the time they spend together, making sure you always reward them with treats and praise.

Finally, when the dog isn’t interested in bothering the cat anymore and the cat is confident enough to approach him then you can ditch the leash. At this point, you still want to supervise their interaction for a couple days. But for the most part, you have succeeded in making them accept each other.

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