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If you’re one of the thousands of Americans who will be adding a German Shepherd to their family this year, one thing you’re going to need to consider is a name. They are a strong, unique breed and should have a prominent name. I thought I’d share a few famous German Shepherd names from throughout history as inspiration in your search for the perfect name for your German Shepherd puppy.

Strongheart – One of the first stars of silent cinema, Strongheart, born in 1917, was trained as a police dog. He was brought to America and his blood lines still exist today.

Rin Tin Tin – Found in a bombed out kennel in France by an American soldier in 1918, Rin Tin Tin’s name originated from a puppet that French children would give to the soldiers as good luck.

Chips – A German Shepherd mix, was a veteran of World War II and awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart for bravery after saving the lives of numerous soldiers.

Champ – Vice President Joe Biden’s German Shepherd. The VP has had several Shepherd, and Champ was named by his grandchildren.

Clipper – Former president John Kennedy’s dog.

Bullet – was a German Shepherd owned by Roy Rogers and was a start on “The Roy Rogers Show” and featured in more than 100 movies

Some other popular male German Shepherd names include:

Axel, Bear, Beau, Brutus, Diesel, Jett, King, Major, Nitro & Rocky

And some common female German Shepherd names are:

Abbey, Cabo, Faith, Gabi, & Rada

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