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The most important pieces of training equipment any dog owner can have are a good collar and leash. Leather collars work quite well in addition to slip chain collars. Fitting a slip chain collar properly is important to your dog’s safety and your ability to use it during training. You should make sure the collar isn’t too long for your dog, but it should be able to fit over his or her head without trouble. If it is too long, you will know it because it will come off when your dog is running or it will get caught on furniture or other stationary objects. If a slip chain collar is too long on a small dog, you will know it because your dog will most likely be tripping on it! Small to medium-sized dogs can use finer slip chain collars while larger dogs require larger and longer collars.

If your dog is too sensitive for slip chain collars or can’t wear one for some reason, he or she can wear a slip collar made out of leather or a broad strip of nylon or cord will work for training while keeping your pet comfortable. Slip collars can be put on the traditional way or as a double action slip collar. The double action slip collar is good for sensitive dogs, as the collar will tighten to a point without completely tightening around the neck.

The best type of leash you want to buy for your dog is one that has a firm and solid snap hook. The hook is best when it is hand stitched to the leash. The handle should be hand stitched as well for a secure hold. This will make the leash comfortable to handle as well. Leashes that are made from leather or leashes made from webbing material are excellent for training. They will not slip like nylon leashes. Chain leashes are not the best for any pet owner because they will hurt or even damage your hands. They are only appropriate when a dog needs to be tied up for a short period of time.

When you buy any of this equipment for your dog, it pays to be picky. Make sure that any slip chain collars are smooth without small nicks or extrusions. Check to ensure that leash handles will be comfortable for you and the clasp secure to hold your dog. When you buy comfortable and reliable collars and leashes, you and your pet can enjoy them for years to come

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